07 October 2013

New Blog for the Kanamines

I finally decided to make a blog for Rui and Rei~
So I'll post the existing videos of them here.. 

I might sack my YouTube and go for Soundcloud... but I'm still not sure.

Kanamine Rei 

【UTAU】 とても痛い痛がりたい / Hurting for a very Hurtful Pain 【カ波音 レイ  ルイ 】 
Original song by VY2 ft VY1, UST by MystSaphyr/Utauxyz

【UTAU】virgin suicides【カ波音  レイ】 
Original Song by: Kagamine Len, UST by Masao, Written,Composed & Arranged by Nem 

Kanamine Rui

【UTAU+VOCALOID】 Magnet 【Kanamine Ruiko & Kagamine Len】 
Original by Megurine Luka and Hatsune Miku ,UST by HaruVampire, Music by Minato