27 September 2015


■ Title: 8HIT
■ Originally sung by Kagamine Len & Rin (sm15652907)■ music: WONDERFUL★OPPORTUNITY! (Jesus-P)

■ UST: Kream (UtauReizo)
■ Mix : Haruzo
■ vocals: Rui Kanamine Young, Rei Kanamine, Rui Kanamine VCV

10 March 2015

Drop Pop Candy

■ Title: Drop Pop Candy(sm21684210)
■ Originally sung by: Rin Kagamine & Luka Megurine
■ Music/ Vocal Edit : Giga (ギガ)
■ Lyrics: Reol ((れをる)
■ Mixing: Pocky-Kun
■ UST : Yusukekira


I haven't updated for a while ehe.
Sorry for the hiatus~!


Pocky-Kun finished the cover for drop pop candy~
Thank you for the dueeet QAQ. Both of them sounds so good ; v ;
I agreed to make the video over summer, so look forward to it~!