Usage Clause


  • Do not claim my UTAULOID as your own.
  • Do not impersonate the creator.
  • Do not use my UTAULOID for anything illegal or offensive to others.

  • Voicebank & Songs

  • You do not need permission to use the voicebanks.
  • Please put the name of the UTAULOID if he/she is used in any of your works.
  • Do not use my UTAULOID for commercial purposes unless you have obtained permission from me.
  • Do not redistrubute the voicebanks.
  • Do not redistribute a modified version of my UTAULOID's voicebanks.
  • Do not use the voicebank(s) for a Pitchloid. Only Rui's voice may be used for Rei.
  • Do not use the samples in the voicebanks for another UTAULOID's voicebank.
  • You MAY modify the oto.ini, but do not publicly distribute a modified oto.ini of the voicebank(s) without my permission.

  • Role-play

  • You must ask for permission before role-playing as the character.
  • Please avoid role-playing out of character.

  • Fanfiction/Games/Manga/Comics/Fan Art

  • You may use the character without permission from the creator.
  • You do not have to follow the given personality.